1- International passport: you need international passport for most application in to most universities around the world. they offen require you to summit a passport of natinality and they accept only international passport.

2- Last result from last university: since is a scholarship they request for your grades they want to see how you perform.

3- Statement of purpose: this is a document where you show your motivation for taking this course

4- Later of recommendation: I know you do not provide your latter but you have to relay on your professors to provide them for you by now you should like have an idea on how console your of your latter of recommendation, and by now it might not be too early to contact them and ask if you can put down there names as refree because any bodies name you put make sure the person is ready to give you the recommendation in the first place so now you can talk out with your professors and send them and email tell them you are interested in putting their names as your professors that will recommend you.

5- Standalize test: such as the defaults GIE,G-MAT, and you might be confused in whether to write this test or not the thing this that you check out with the university you intend to apply, check the requirement and also send them email to clarify if you need to write the test

6- You should also consider CV and acadamic CV for international scholarship

7- Writing sample: top universities require people to summit applicant sample of your writing probably ten paper, this is not required by all university so check out with your university try to polish document for this purpose.

8- Graduate evaluation: so they will be looking at your writing skills something like that so try to summit your best document .

9- Email address: people do not pay attention to it you might have an email address already but is recommended that you open one for scholarship or such purposes because you do not want any of your important email to get lost in this messages/email you receive everyday so might want to create a one for your scholarship purpose and open a legit email because some people have email like HOTSEXY08 so this kind of email are not professional enough create something more of formula and straight forward to give the professors you send emails or your department that might even get you closer to get a good scholarship.

10- Access to internet: this is very important you should have access to internet you should be able to have a computer or a phone which have access to internet connection because most of them are something that most be done online so you should be able to apply and also be checking your email inbox if they send any, or to summit additional file or document so is good to have a working phone or laptop connected to the internet where you can be applying for online scholarship.

10 Important Document Every Serious Scholarship Seeker Should Have