Scholarship judges walk through hundred even thousand of application to determine who makes it to the final stage so you have to summit and application that will get you noticed. before you apply for the next scholarship be sure you read this all the way to the end.

Start early knowing that his family could not afford post graduate education, Adebayo started applying for masters form his 300 level he believed there is a lot of scholarship out there and he was willing to do whatever it took him to get one, he was denied many scholarship but eventually, one came through you don’t have to wait until a scholarship before you start applying you have to give your self time to get ready, speaking about this, Charles Adedugba, a cheving scholarship winner said, I remember the first time I went to cheving scholarship eligibility page it seems impossible to get it at that time. but as the year past, I was ticking off each of the eligibility criteria starting early will give you enough time to tick off all the eligibility boxes so that you can know that you can prepare a competitive application when you are ready to apply so start early!

set goals and guidelines

Afolabi a graduate of geography took a systematic approach to win two different scholarships. his first challange was to find universities that offer courses within his scope of study and that fits his qualifications.

Due to lack of funds, he resolved to apply for scholarships that require an application fee but he saved up money to take the GRE and TOEFL tests.

He set a goal to apply for ten scholarships between December 2016 – march 2017 but got to summit only nine applications then his next and very important step was to work with mentors to guild him through his decisions.

While seven of Afolabi application were rejected and other two offered him scholarships like Afolabi most scholarship winners apply to more than one scholarships, is like applying for a job you don’t stop applying because a few dint go through but each application, interview add to your knowledge/skills.

Beside the scope of what you want to study set goals and guidelines to stay focus on your goals; and have a support group find scholarships that are right for you there are thousands that are right for you there are thousands of scholarships programs out there, but you have to narrow down to the ones you are eligible for.

Tips to complete your scholarships applications

When you have your list of scholarships to apply to, the next step is to identify the application period and start applying.

Here are five tips to help you get to work

Gather the nessacery document each scholarships program has their specific requirement

Here is the general list


typically each scholarships require some and not all of this:

1 online or offline application form

2 secondary or high school certificate ( for undergraduate)

3 degree certificate ( for post graduate)

4 transcript

5 TOEFL or IELTS scores for english course

6 SAT or GRE

7 essays

9 latter of recommendation

10 statement of purpose ( know as motivation letter)

11 birth certificate

12 employer of letter

13 international passport

Some application are more with their requirement than others

According to Yusuf another scholarship winner his scholarships application did not require an application fee or proficiency since his secondary school certificate indicated a good score in english language but this is not the case for every university in our country.

1 Some document like your academic results and language test scores are fixed; meaning you may use the same document for every application. where as other document like essay and letter of recommendation are flexible. to have to tailor them for each application.

2 Describe your accomplishment lets assume you have been a volunteer at an NGO that trains young girls on technology skills, and you are applying for a scholarship that award candiates in fold of STEM education instead of writing volunteer for a girl child education initiative.

Write something like this:

Volunteer for a girl child education initiative:

Designed one-month course content to train 408 girls on beginner software development skills. The former says nothing about what you did, while the letter elaborate the most important job you did in this organization.

The evaluators may know nothing about the organization. but they sure can imagine the impact of the work. you can use the same illustration if you are apply for a scholarships that is focused on leaderships potentials your description might read something like this:

Volunteer for a girl child education initiative:

Responsible for recruiting and booking volunteer facilities and initiative:

Same activity but different perspective emphasizing what is important to the specific scholarship.

3 Highlight your most important points first you have limited space on your application to present self. draw attention to your best selling point first when mentioning your accomplishment and experience, put them in order of importance your evaluators may only look at the first two and move on so while mentioning a leadership experience, prioritize the information in the order of relevance and value to the specific program you are applying to:

4 Summit all required document ask to lectica to share some her experience accessing the canon Collins scholarship application and common mistake applicant. this was what she had to say I would not call it a mistake but the scholarships as for particular document don’t send a wrong document think they will forgive you while i was at canon Collins, we saw that quite often that completely disqualify you from the opportunity the point is to instruct and prove all document you have been ask to summit are provided, once you have completed your application get external help from a reliable person it is difficult to spot all errors from your materials. a fresh will catch the words that you missed and find the spelling problems easier once you are done, summit your application and hope for the best.


Start early

Set goals and guidelines

Find scholarships that are right for you

Highlight your most important points first

Describe your accomplishment

Make the effort to summit all required document and get someone to proof read your application.

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