Know about the scholarship different scholarships have different properties like the jack and jill America that was the scholarships who wanted to celebrate so they will ask you question about African American community you have the point foundation they are LBF funds foundation that fund people that have done amazing community project they might ask you question about LBF rights or when you have been margin it just depend on what scholarship you are applying too actually the one I got last year it was one entire scholarship but they had different sub-programs with in the scholarship.

Step 2

Know what the question is asking you and take it to the next level a lot of people read a question and don’t know

What is asking because they don’t know what is asking the don’t answer the question correctly and your application will immediately disregarding obviously you need to make sure you understand the question and you answer the question so take it to the next level what do I mean why take it to the next level and only do you want to answer the question which you want to answer the answer that no other student will answer, for example if they ask name a time that you lead or you are a leader a typical person will answer I was the captain of a football team I was once a monitor of our class I was once a president of press club in our school yes, this are all leadership position but being a leader is so much more than that when I say answer it to the next level, think about other ways you have lead maybe being the oldest person in your house leading your young brother and sister or being gay the first person  that opening out for a competition confidently or anytime you influences someone else to do something or make a change you’re a leader because you lead them to that point, so when I say take the question you the next level don’t just stay in a box think about hmmm when did I lead when did a change something when did I influences anything use that time share when that time was significant and was powerful and implement that in your essay because they don’t want like a typical answer like a captain or a president does are answer but they want to know something that was a big impact, in every high school the is a SGA president so they are going to get thousands of them you know they are not many people that share coming out at school being bullied not many people talk about the school life.

Step 3

Start the essay off strong the intro paragraph is the time you suppose to spend the most time on any essay scholarship, college, English class, the intro is so important if u spend a good five hours on a essay trust me you should spend two-three hours on the intro trust me it needs to be strong, interesting it needs to be outlined and detailed this three things are sometime had to do because it can be so strict and so confusing you know you have to use your creativity to put all in the intro paragraph without intro paragraph.

Step 4

Leave out fluff flux is all the extreme information that you do not need for example, if you are talking about the time you have lead and you are talking about the time you captured your team and then you go on to talk about year before that you are also the president of a society that’s nice it just it has nothing to do with your talking about that’s the simple description of a fluff.

Step 5

Don’t be too smart it is very easy to detect when someone uses other source it is the easiest thing ever I advise you not to uses to much sources on your paper work.

Step 6

Exploit your accomplishment what I mean is use what you know to the fullest capacity don’t take if you are the captain of the basketball club all you did was collect to change, use this position that you have an while writing express it like you are the president of USA trust me a lot of scholarship winners do this is simple just use what you have.

Step 7

Use your challenges/struggles correctly this is most ask question of all time do I share my sad story do I share the time I was shut on my leg this and that the can be used on your essay but you have use them correctly this stories are what make you different from the people that are applying your story is what make you unique how you express it is the main point they do not want a paper full of sadness the point of putting it in your essay is not to make people feel sad they want to know what you went through and how to handle it.

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